Weight Loss

Simple, Sustainable, Safe

At Luxira we understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. We are able to advise you regarding weight management and there are many ways to augment weight loss efforts which must of course, include a healthy diet and exercise.

One of these options is the use of appetite suppressant medication in addition to this lifestyle advice. This is in the form of a self- administered injection. This can provide 2.5 times more weight loss than lifestyle changes alone if after assessment you are found to be suitable for the prescription by us.

This is a doctor led service and your safety and health is our main concern at all times. We follow NICE guidance when prescribing this medication and advocate low calorie meal planning and increased physical activity alongside use of this medication.

Patients can lose up to 13.2LB in less than a month and 8 out of 10 patients had kept the weight off at 12 months.

At Luxira, we are working in collaboration with AKEA BLUE ZONE to provide this new treatment in the North East for the first time. A course of treatment typically lasts 3 months. Support is provided by Luxira in partnership with AKEA during treatment and for ongoing nutrition planning if needed.

Contact us at Luxira if you would like more information and to see whether you are eligible for a face to face assessment with a doctor. Alternatively, you can contact the AKEA team (0808 168 1037) who will pass your details to us.