Eye Lash Augmentation

Eye Lash Augmentation

Want lush lashes?

Rejuvinate and replenish your eye lashes with a prescribed eyelash serum.

This can be prescribed for hypotrichosis- eyelashes that are thought to be thin and short. This prescription can make the lashes fuller, including longer and thicker. If applied nightly to the upper eye lid, close to the lashes it can double lash volume, taking around 8 weeks to show the full effect. If treatment is stopped the lashes will return to their previous appearance. All make-up would need to be removed prior to application but can be re-applied once dry. From 3 months alternate night treatment would be sufficient to keep them looking luscious. There is no additional benefit to increased frequency of use.

There are some potential side effects including skin itch and irritation, skin discolouration and possibly dry skin or eyes. There is a rarely reported darkening of the iris, sometimes seen in lighter coloured eyes, which can be irreversible (1 in 2000 cases).

We can assess and determine whether or not this is right for you at a free consultation.